Merrell-Mitchell Post 39


Email configs for post 39 email accounts

Use your own email app to check legion emails.

How to add legion email for Gmail


Inbound – Option 1 - IMAP:

Definition - syncs your email with you app - if you delete on your app it deletes he actual mailbox

Default IMAP is – on port 143

Secure/SSL IMAP is – on port 993


Inbound – Option 2 – POP: -

Definition - Pops in a grabs the email - leaves the copy - will not delete if you do it on your app

Default POP is – on port 110

Secure/SSL POP is – on port 995


Outbound – SMTP (Outbound requires authentication with the same username/password used on inbound connection):

Default SMTP is – on port 25

Secure/SSL SMTP is – on port 465