Merrell-Mitchell Post 39

Sporting Events Ticket Information 

If any veterans would like getting free tickets to sporting events
such as NFL, NBA, NHL and NASCAR you can registered at this
VetTix web site to havetickets mailed to you for a
fee ($10-$25). At some events 2-8 tickets can be requested.
They can also be picked up the Will-Call windows. All you have
to do is register on this web site below by creating an account
at the top left of page, and then fax in or email your proof of
veteran status. They will email you all the ticket information
to these events.

DISCLAIMER: The above information and the VETTIX.ORG website are not affiliated in any way with American Legion Post 39, Gilbert, AZ.  This information is being provided as a courtesy only, and readers who choose to obtain tickets through VETTIX.ORG are responsible for any outcomes.